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Evolution: Myth, Faith or Science?


Evoluton is said to be a scientific theory, explaining how life began on this planet. In this article, we are going to examine parts of the theory to determine whether the claim -that its a scietific theory – is true.

By default, human beings in all cultures and religions believed in intelligent design. Then much later, the evolution theory was created and began to challenge the existing belief in intelligent design. The burden of proof rests on evolutionists. They must provide evidence to back their teaching.

1. The Big Bang Theory
Discoveries in Astronomy and Physics have shown beyond reasonable doubt, that our Universe did infact have a begining – prior to which there was nothing. The Big Bang theory is an attempt to explain how the universe formed or how it came into existance. According to the theory, the Universe is thought to have come from an infinitesmally small, infinitley hot and infinitely dense thing (a singularity) 13.7 billion years ago, whose original purpose and source is not known. After its initial appearance, It inflated expanded and cooled, going from extremely small and extremely hot to the size and temperature of our Universe today. The popular Big Bang story includes an Explosion – a huge explosion – after which, things began to order themselves and eventually, after a long time, life appeared.

2. Spontaneous Generation
For ages, life was thought or believed to have resulted from spontaneous generation (abigenesis). The doctrine of spontaneous generation holds that organic life can and does arise from inorganic matter. Thus according to the theory, inorganic matter such as a stone can produce life!

The idea of spontaneous generation was in 1668 publicly oposed by Francesco Redi. While it was generally accepted that rotting meat generated maggots, Redi disagreed and proved that maggots developed from eggs laid by flies. At the time, his experiment was not thought to disprove spontaneous generation. It merely proved that maggots did not come from the meat.

Spontaneous generation was thought to be the origin of life till 1859, when the idea was disproved by French Scientist Louis Pasteur, at the French Academy of Science sponsored science fair. In his award winning experiment, Pasteur filled a long necked flask with meat broth. He then heated the glas neck and bent it into an ‘S’ shape. Air could reach the broth, but gravity acted to trap airborne microorganisms in the curve of the neck. He then boiled the broth. After a time, no microoganisms had formed in the broth. When the flask was tipped so that the broth reached the miroorganisms trapped in the neck, the broth quickly became cloudy with microscopic life. Thus Pasteur successfully disproved spontaneous generation. Further more, Pasteur proved that some microorganisms are airborne.

Charles Darwin’s Origin of Species theory.
Charles Darwin’s book, “The Origin of Species,” was published in the same year Pasteur disproved the fallacy of spontaneous generation. Charles Darwin’s book gave birth to the modern evlutionary movement which is now thought to have occured in six (6) phases. The fourth phase is Organic Evolution (Origin of organic life from a rock), which is the same spontaneous generation which had been disproved. The question is, “why is sontaneous generation still being taught?”

The Evolution theory’s inconsistencies with science
1. The first assumption or phase of evolution (Cosmic Evolution – also known as the Big Bang) is not an acceptable theory of origins. (1) it does not answer the quetion,”where did everything come from?” Did ‘nothing’ explode?; It does not explain how an explosion can cause order. All explosions we know have caused disorder. It consequently violates two of the three laws of thermal dynamics; 3) it does not explain the uneven distribution of matter. 4) How did matter even come into existance -seeing that there was nothing?

2. The fourth assumption or phase (Organic Evolution) which is spontaneous generation, was proven to be impossible (was disproved in 1859). There was no way it could have happened. Life generating from a rock? The continued teaching of this theory is purely due to the efforts Evoluton lobyists.

3. The fifth assumption or phase (Macro Evolution – the origin of major kinds), has been refuted by the lack of transitional fosils in the fosil records. There are “mising links” between notable kinds of animals. How and when did bacteria or a dog or any animal turn into a plant or vice-versa? Evolution claims all life came from a single cell. Therefore, according to evolution, we are related to bacteria, bananas, oranges…

The Evolution Theory leaves a lot of questions unanswered. for instance, if everything happened by chance, what’s the probability of having male and female species, compartible to the last detail, for reproduction? What were the first organisms eating over he millions or billions of years that they existed all by themselves? How were the gasses balanced to support life? Any unbiased person can see an element of design here. Scientific proof that Spontaneous generation is impossible, causes the whole evolution theory to crumble.

Ladies and gentlemen, Evolution is not a scientific theory, it is a fairytale. It lacks empirical evidence and is at odds with laws of science. They first created the theory then began to search for evidence. Evidence against it has been totally ignored. Infact the evolution story is so strange that one needs more faith to believe it than they would need to believe the Bible’s creation story. The creation story makes more sense and answers more questions than evolution does.

People who want to find a reason not to believe in God will turn to evolution. Yes, they will even go to the extent of claiming to be related to monkeys and bacteria just to avoid being accountable to a superior being. But Evolution will not give you peace, it will not explain why you and I are here. With evoluton, life becomes meaningless. Only Jesus Christ can bring purpose to our lives.

Friends I appeal to you to believe in God. Jesus’ return is nigh, the signs of the end recorded in Bible prophecy are everywhere and no one can miss them.

God bless you and have a great day


March 5, 2009 - Posted by | Special features


  1. The fact that you lump the Big Bang,abiogenesis, and evolution together in your analysis shows that you have a poor understanding of what you are talking about. All three of these areas are separate and completely independent of each other.

    I also rather enjoyed reading your listing of “evolution’s inconsistencies with science” as if you have somehow discovered all these loopholes that generations of brilliant scientists have somehow managed to miss.

    Here is an idea. Why don’t you publish a paper outlining your objections and submit it to a peer reviewed science journal and see what actual real scientist think instead of the armchair ones like yourself? In fact, go ahead and also submit an article outlining how you think the Bible explains our origins better than the theory of evolution.

    Yes, evolution is a fairy tale but an ancient book about a psychopathic dictatorial god and his bloody human sacrifice for the ‘sins of mankind’ is absolute truth.

    Comment by freethoughtcrime | May 26, 2009 | Reply

    • Hi freethoughtcrime, Thanks for your comment.

      Yes, the three are separate. But you can not talk of evolution before talking about the origin of life and the plenet. The three theories are from the scientists and must be able to meet somewhere (there must be consistency).

      I too find it amazing that ‘generations of brilliant scientists’ could have missed the loopholes that I mentioned. These scientists have not satisfactorilly answered to the objections (neither has your comment). The reason is simple, they do not want to believe something else, they do not want to believe God exists.

      Submitting a paper to the scientists would be a waste of time as these issues have been before them for a long time and they have not given satisfactory answers to the questions.

      I can briefly tell how the Bible Creation story makes more sense.
      1) The order of Creation: Man and animals were created after plants, plants were created after the soil water and light. So they found an already condusive environment for life to continue or flourish. 2) The Bible explains why there is male and female, why like reproduces like (e.g. Guava tree will never produce Oranges).

      Every scientist knows that order can not come by chance. (e.g You want a clock, you have to design and then build one). Try to leave your face unattended to for the next six months and see if it will look any better. I ask you to work out the probability of just an eye being formed by chance.

      Finally, you labled God as being dictatorial (I wont repeat the other word). What sort of dictator would go out of his say to save people who have rebeled against him? You referred to a human scarifice. Well that wasn’t a mare human being. He was the Son of God who is also God. He took our form so he could be a substitute for us. That death was for the purpose of giving you and me an opportunity to be saved from our sins. I must also add that He resurrected on the third day and those who belive in Him though they die, one they will resurrect to eternal life. Its up to each one of us to choose whether to believe or not – whether to accept life or not.

      P.S. This (Evolution, Origin of species etc) is one very rare case in which scientist have accepted something that has not been proven (or even disproven).

      Enjoy your day.

      Comment by lovemoren | May 27, 2009 | Reply

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